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Reasons to create happiness in little human beings who deserves best of us

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We strive to provide the necessary nutrition and vitamins.

About us

Loulouka is a newer happy baby organic formula brand. Loulouka has three stages; like most European organic infant formula, Loulouka’s initial phase is for babies from six months to one year. Loulouka Stage 2 is designed for babies aged six to twelve months. Loulouka Stage 3 is designed for babies aged ten months and  up. Understanding the fact, at Organicforbabies, we believe that with our pure organic whole milk for babies, we are dedicated to providing parents and families with the next best thing for their kid and the society they will inherit. Our products are the most beneficial for babies who could not receive breastmilk for whatsoever reason.



Loulouka baby Formula

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Our goals

We create with a single goal in mind: to make your child happy. Our researchers have dedicated their careers to researching early life nourishment and creating the most nutritionally sophisticated organic whole milk compositions for your baby’s growth and development, as little human beings are deserving of it. Our organic whole milk contains the following ingredients: Organicsforbabies will strive the envelope in terms of sustainable development, traceability, and ethical manufacturing techniques. It has most recently updated its signature items to make the formula vegetarian friendly. It is accomplished by substituting plant-based Omega 3 & 6 sources for fish oils, a natural allergy, and a threat to the world’s fish populations.We understand that no brand will ever be able to equal the specialized natural nutrition offered by a mother’s breastmilk. 

happy baby organic formula

Loulouka’s story

Three men, Peter, Christiaan, and Michael, formed Loulouka in 2019. Each of the three people has worked in the infant food and formula industry for many years. When Peter’s wife was pregnant and birthed to their triplets, he became interested in newborn nutrition and researched different formula ingredients. After several restless nights, Peter began looking for ways to soothe his new babies, exhausted, helpless, and frustrated. Michael and Christiaan had been friends since they were in high school. They’ve both worked with very well baby food brands all across the world for years.In 2016, Peter, Christiaan, and Michael teamed up to create a better happy baby organic formula than what is now available. Neither of the procedures on the market, they believed, suited their image of what infant formula looks like.They had a mission of not making any concessions. They use only organic cow’s milk and Swiss, raw resources. Sustainability is also an element of their goal, which applies to all ingredients, industrial procedures, and the final product.