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All necessary nutrition organic products during the first stage of your baby’s life

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Swiss Milk

All necessary nutrition swiss milk products during the first stage of your baby’s life

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Palm Oil Free

All necessary nutrition palm free oil products during the first stage of your baby’s life


You’re probably considering which formula to use. With so many options and brands to pick from, it can be challenging to know what baby formula to buy and the differences between them. Organics For Babies feeding specialist explains the distinct difference in the Organics For Babies product line

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Europan organic certified

Our Organic Baby Formula products are certified according to European regulation and standards. This means independent agencies check if all rules of organic farming and food production are being conducted accordingly.

Our quality

Proudly made in Switzerland with organic whole milk
All our milk nutrition is produced in Switzerland because strict quality regulations ensure that milk, cows and the environment are all respected throughout the entire production process. Switzerland is known for its high-quality products in the field of organic food. Loulouka only uses whole milk and we strive to provide children with an optimal nutrition in their first years of life.

Our cows are fed with primarily natural grass and hay. We only use whole milk from organic farming and the milk has over 50 quality checks.

Our promise
Babies are our top priority so why should what we feed them be any different? Choosing the Swiss milk sources and local organic ingredients, we believe we have a product that you can trust. Created by parents for parents. Our Organic Baby Formula is approved by Loulouka.

Organics for Babies can ensure that your child is getting everything they need to grow up healthy and happy. Are you wondering what HiPP Dutch Formula for newborns can do for your child? Unlike other baby formulas, a HiPP Formula in Canada & USA doesn’t contain any synthetic ingredients. Anything that’s synthetic and harmful has no place in your baby’s stomach. It is also crucial to remember that, although taste can help a baby eat, the main goal of feeding HiPP Organic Formula is to support your baby with the essential nutrients they need to grow up big and strong. One of the best benefits of Loulouka Formula is that it is good for your baby’s mental development. The reason that essential nutrients are so important found in HiPP Formula Stage 1 is that they play a key role in not just physical development but also in mental development. The HiPP Organic Formula does not contain any other GMOs, artificial and synthetic ingredients.

HiPP Formula Stage 1 is Well Tailored to Infant Requirements - Feel Confident in Your Choice

Loulouka Canada only uses the best organic milk formulas. They are known for the great quality, grass fed cows, strict regulations on organic products. You can trust that you are getting the best HiPP Formula in Canada market with the best organic ingredients with multiple checks. The Loulouka Stage 1 Formula range provides a lot of essential nutrients for healthy development. The HiPP Organic Formula is suitable from birth and can be used for supplementing breast milk or exclusive bottle feeding.

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If it’s infant formula or toddler formula, Loulouka Formula in Canada has the right options for you! Organics for Babies are proud to offer the best organic baby formulas in Canada and grateful to be a part of the healthful and pure nourishment of your most precious little ones!